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As a Behavioral Health Therapist I recognize the need to provide relevant approaches that are specifically designed to meet the particular needs of clients.

Specializing in the treatment of childhood and adult trauma,  emotional and behavioral conditions such as major depression, adjustment and anxiety disorders, conditions that are associated with grief, senior and aging related concerns, couples and families relationship crisis, environmental stress and emotion management.

Utilizing a unique blend of therapeutic treatment approaches, I am Eclectic, Holistic and Versatile in my Clinical Orientation. In addition, I apply Behavior therapies such as Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Trauma & Solution Focused Interventions, Person & Task Centered Models, Strength & Empowerment Based Approaches. Other interventions that are sometimes used are Problem Solving, Integrative and Interpersonal.


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Psychotherapy also Known As "Talk Therapy"

Is Not Only Talking About Problems

It Is also Working Toward Solutions

Psychotherapy Approaches today are usually

BRIEF & Focused on Current Life Issues, Feelings & thoughts 


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Positive Solutions Offers Therapeutic Assistance to People Who Are Experiencing Transitional Challenges, Marital, Relationship & Family Problems & Emotional & Traumatic Crisis

Areas of concentration

Marriage Counseling  

Environmental Stress

Senior & Aging Related Needs​

Anxiety & Depression Challenges





Coping Skills

Peer Relations

Family Conflict

Marital Problems

Parent-Child conflict

Emotional Disturbance

community & environmental stress

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